Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization or cloud storage is the process of grouping the physical storage from multiple network storage devices into a single storage device.

This virtualization concept addresses the complexity of data and storage management allowing easy backup, archiving and task recovery in a less time.

Storage virtualization services aggregate the functions of the Storage Area Network (SAN). Improved storage management in a heterogeneous IT environment, better availability and estimation of downtime with automated management and better storage utilization are some of the key reasons that lead to the implementation of storage virtualization.

Storage virtualization techniques can be applied to any level of SAN and to various storage functions such as physical storage, Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs), RAID groups, etc.

Some of the other benefits of storage virtualization are:

  • Better storage management
  • Higher availability
  • Increased utilization of storage
  • Easy update and expansion, reduced downtime
  • Easy backup, restore and DR

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