Network Virtualization

Network virtualization refers to the method of monitoring and management of an entire computer network from a software admin console as a single administrative entity.

It combines the available network resources by dividing the bandwidth into secured independent channels, which can be assigned in real time to any device or server.

Network virtualization is accomplished by integrating the network components, utilizing a variety of software and hardware. Network virtualization services allow network provisioning and aggregation either by breaking a physical network into multiple isolated virtual networks or coalescing various physical networks into a single virtual network.

We have experience in virtualizing every element of the datacenter: servers, network, security and storage.

Using network virtualization, an organization can:

  • Optimize application performance & network speed
  • Reduce overall operational cost
  • Achieve Network optimization of : data transfer rates, flexibility, scalability, reliability and security
  • Optimize the network resource usage

We work with leading technology vendors such as VMWare, Nutanix, CISCO and HPE to design and deliver network.