Tally Customization & Add Ons

We have set of very useful ready to use Tally add-on’s which are not part of standard features of Tally ERP 9. Any world class product gives features & functionalities which are general & applicable to the masses, however there are thousands of needs which are typical & applicable to certain Business & irrelevant to many. Tally has provided a mechanism to customise & add to the software.

• Tally ERP 9 Multi File Attachment
Attach multiple files along with your financial transactions & retrieve them at your desk. Share documents by email and improve internal operations & customer service.

• FREE Tally ERP 9 SMS Module
The simplest form of communication with customers & vendors from the comfort of your ERP software. Dispatch & receipt notification, overdue reminders, price updates.

• Tally Backup – The Smart Way
The smart tools which will help resolve your Tally backup issue. Ensures no need for human intervention & eradicates the chances of someone forgetting to take a backup.

• Tally ERP 9 Audit Trail
Track the complete history of a transaction since its creation followed by multiple alterations. A complete log of Inventory & ledger entries maintained along with Rate & Amount.

• Tally ERP 9 Voucher Level Security
A must have module for any multi user Tally customer, where the user has to be restricted for creation / alteration of a specific voucher type.

• Tally ERP 9 Import Item/Ledger Master
Import Stock Items and Ledger Master from Excel into Tally (Specified Format).

• Tally ERP 9 Auto Manual Numbering Have benefit of Auto Numbering for voucher types with Manual Voucher Numbering method. Retain voucher number on cancellation/deletion.

• Tally ERP 9 Transaction Authorization
Authorise vouchers before it reflects the books of accounts. Set levels & rights based on Amount & type of transaction. Revision and Rejection option is also available. Easy to understand dashboard!!

• Tally ERP 9 Digital Signature
Have the freedom to define, modify & Print Terms & Conditions on your Sales Invoice along with your Company’s Digital Signature (scan & attach).

• Tally ERP 9 Brokerage Module Multi-method brokerage or commission payable generating module with various broker/sales agent based analyzing reports. The above is best suit for both Sales as well as Purchase.

• Tally ERP 9 Negative Stock Blocking
The module blocks the creation of transactions like sales invoice, delivery note and stock journal vouchers incase the issued qty is more than the available stock.

• Tally ERP 9 Ledger/Group Level Security
Users can be blocked for displaying specific ledgers / groups or group of ledgers. These will not appear in any of the voucher entries.

• Tally ERP 9 Godown Control for Voucher
This module restricts the user to select specific godown during voucher entry. The restriction can be specified in the voucher type master.

• Tally ERP 9 Stock Group Control
This module allows the display & selection of stock items of a particular Stock Group during Voucher entry. The restriction can be specified in the voucher type master.

• Tally ERP 9 Delete Unused Master
Delete all masters which are unused & not required. Ledgers, Groups, Cost centers, categories etc with Zero Opening Balance, no transaction & no tracking can be deleted.

• Tally ERP 9 Auto E-mailing Add-on
Using this module user can send multiple mails at a time to his debtors or his parties.